Best 5 free tools for ranking youtube video in 2020

Without ranking video, you cant get more views and subscribers are well. If You want to rank your video on YouTube than I will provide you the Best 5 free tools for ranking youtube video in 2020. So this is basically an SEO tool that will help you to find the right keywords. Keyword selection is more important Because without selecting the right keyword you never rank your videos.

Best 5 free tools for ranking youtube video in 2020
How to rank YouTube video in 2020 ?

For ranking any video on YouTube there are three major factors that are responsible.
1. Keywords.
2. Watchtime
3. Thumbnails

How to select right Keywords ?

To select the right keywords for your YouTube video, you can use a keyword research tool. keyword research tool provides the right information about high search volume keyword and low compaction keywords.

Best Tool for select right keywords for Youtube ?

There are many tools that are available which provide you keywords for Youtube SEO. But let’s know about the best 5 free tools for ranking your video in 2020.
1. Google Keyword Planner.
2. Uber suggest
3. Tube Buddy
4. VidIQ
Lets know more about them

1.Google Keyword Planner.

Google keyword planner is the best tool for finding the right keywords for youtube videos. Google Keyword Planner provides all data about search volume and low competition keywords. If you don’t know about how to use google keyword planner you can watch this video and you will get all information about how to use the Google keyword planner tool.

2. Uber Suggest Tool

After Google keyword planner uber suggests is also a good tool for finding the right keyword. you can find an exact keyword search volume and SEO difficulties for your youtube video. So this is also a good Keyword research tool for youtube 2020.

3. Tube Buddy – Best free Keyword research tool

Tube buddy is the most used tool for youtube SEO. Yes, Tubebuddy is available in a free and paid version. It provides the right keywords and SEO features for your youtube video. Tubebuddy especially uses for Youtube only. So it will provide the right data. Initially, you can use the free tool then you can use the pro version. If you want to know how to use Tubebuddy then you can watch this video.

4. VidIQ

VidIQ is also a chrome extension. You can add it from the chrome store. This is work like tube buddy. So you can easily go through it. You can watch the entire video on how you can find a perfect match and rank your video.


This is an amazing tool. but this is also a paid tool. Which provides you some free keywords and if you want more of them then you have to purchase that. But this provides free keywords also. You can use google keyword planner with it than you get the right keyword for your video.

So this is the best 5 free tool for ranking your video in 2020. You can watch more about youtube course 2020

Best 5 free tools for ranking youtube video in 2020
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Best 5 free tools for ranking youtube video in 2020
Best 5 free tools for ranking youtube video in 2020. If you want to rank your youtube video then you can use this for youtube SEO 2020.

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