What is Local SEO? How to Register your shop on Google Maps?

Local SEO 2020

Local SEO is used for improving your selles for local businesses. If you have any kind of local business but you are not generating sells then you can use local SEO for getting more sells. Google maps allow you to rank your business locally. There are many categories but you can rank your business in your category.

Local SEO making a huge impact on any business nowadays. Make Local Vocal, That is necessary if you have any small business today.

There are a few steps you need to follow if you want to rank your shop on google map.

Steps For Register your shop on Google Maps.

  • Download Google My Business App
  • Register your business on the app
  • Verify Your Business
  • Post your shop photos and Services
  • Promote your services through Google Maps
  • Post Regularly

Google My Business App

GMB app

You have to download Google my business app to register your Shop. You can download it from the Google play store. This is also available in the IOS store.

Register your shop.

Now you have to register your business on this app. You can register with an email id. You just have to select the right category for your shop.

Verify the PIN

local seo pin verification

Once you Register your shop on Google maps. You have to verify your business with the local address that you provided during the registration process. so keep in mind that provide the right information and correct physicals address of your shop.

Post shop photos and Services

After complete the PIN verification process now you are able to post your products and services on Google maps. Make sure you provide the right information and also a call to action on your services so you can get leads from it.

Promote your services through Google Maps

Now you are able to Promote your products and services through Google maps. you can also Advertise your business locally.

Post Regularly

Posting at regular intervals is necessary. You have to engage with your customer. Use canva tool for creating a good quality post.

One Tip for you to get more visitor on your shop.

You can use social media marketing for your Business. Social media is the most powerful tool. You can engage with your customer on social media.

Use Social Media Marketing
How local SEO will improve your sells ?

Local SEO is a local listing in Google maps. If you are doing good work in google my business app then you can rank your business. You just have to create an account in google my business. Once you register your business on google my business account then you are on google maps now.

How to create account on Google my business ?

You just have to download the google my business app and register your business with your email ID. After 12 days you will get PIN verification about your shop.

Can Local SEO is use for Food stall ?

You can register any shop or local business on google maps. EX, Food, kerana store, Mobile Shop, Book Store, Restaurant etc.

If you have any questions about local SEO 2020 or SEO 2020 then you can comment on your question.

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