What is SEO? SEO in 2020.

What is SEO? SEO in 2020.

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. SEO is a process of ranking a website and also so gain your website visibility on the search engines. So you need to understand What is SEO in 2020?

Today organic reach is very important because it cost nothing. Once you rank your website on a SERP you can easily boost Your sales or services. SEO is a major part of Digital Marketing. So make sure you done proper SEO in 2020.

Types of SEO?

  • On-page SEO
  • off-page SEO
  • technical SEO
  • local SEO

These are the main types of SEO. We will discuss it but first, we know about,

Why SEO ?

SEO helps you in organic ranking. You can rank your website on any particular keyword. But first of all, you need to find the right keyword for it. It all depends on the keywords.

So first of all let’s understand what is keyword ?

What is basically a term or a phase that user that user phase that user that user a phase that user that user can enter in any search engine like google. For example you enter “Youtube course 2020 ” it becomes a keyword.

So you need to find the right keyboard for your category blog or website. Once you find you find keywords then you can rank your website on that particular keyword.

How to find right keyword ?

You can find your right keywords through any keyword research tool. Like

Find Right keyword

These are the the main keyword research tool.

This is to provide you our right information about your keyword. It also provides information about search volume competition and the bid amount. If you want to promote your website on any keyword so you can know about how much it cost by the bid value of that keyword.

Now you have a keyword. So you can write a perfect blog on it. You can implement on-page SEO. So let’s know more about on-page SEO.

What is on page SEO ?

On-page SEO is a process that you do right on-page. For example, if you want to do on-page SEO on your website then the following tips you must follow.

Download On-page SEO Checklist

  • Use your main keyword in title in title main keyword in title in title in title
  • Highlight your main keywords two three times times
  • Use sub heading tags tags.
  • Use internal links
  • External links
  • Image Optimization

So this are the functionalities of ON page SEO.

Now let’s know more about OFF Page SEO.

OFF Page Depends on backlink creation. How you create a backlinks.

A backlink is nothing but your website or blog link provided by another website. If some other website refer a link to your website then it becomes of backlink.

You need high-quality backlinks. For getting high quality backlinks you high quality backlinks you need a high DA- PA website list.

With this kind of website you can get high quality backlinks.

You can also write a guest post for any other website where you can get backlinks.

You can watch video on show on digital yankit YouTube channel.

Local SEO.

With the help of local SEO you can rank your offline business on Google Map. This is the best way to grow your offline business

Local seo 2020

Most of the people are using Google Maps and find something like GYM near me. So there comes local SEO. If you can rank your location on Google Map through local SEO you will get more visitors to your Store.

These are the basic types of SEO we learn about. You have to improve your SEO in 2020 if you want to rank. If you have any queries about it you can drop a comment or share your perspective about SEO.

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