Why Social Media Marketing in 2020  ?|SMM 2020

Why Social Media Marketing in 2020 ?|SMM 2020

Why use social media for marketing ?

In 2020 social media is a best platform where you can find your category related audience.In 2020 With the help of Social Media Marketing You can create brand awareness and you can also make personal branding through social media platforms. You can generate more sales and leads with the help of social media advertising advertising. There are monthly active users are are over 3 billions. That’s why social media have huge potential. Wherever you find audience there are chances for generating leads and sales.

Create your personal branding through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, YouTube.

You can use this platform and create brand awareness, for personal branding. Connect with people and provide a value to your user and they will follow you. Once you build a trust on social media with your followers then you can generate more sales. Keep in mind that all followers don’t want to buy your product. Tell them benefits of your product freely and also provide right information.

You can encourage your followers and also provide a support through social media platforms. Once you build your community on social media then you are king of of of social media marketing. But you have to to true with your audiences. Be transparent don’t hide something. Just build a trust.

How social media help you to grow grow ?

  • Create huge online community
  • Build awareness of your brand
  • Personal branding
  • Generating leads
  • Selling product or services

These are the benefits of social media you can grow through social media. Help people and grow with them. You just have to keep in mind that they are are most important so don’t make them fool.

Social media marketing platforms.



Facebook have a huge amount huge amount a huge amount huge amount of audience. On Facebook 13 monthly active users at 2.30 billions.

Most of users active on Facebook. They are looking for a content. They might find out something related to their interest with the help of Facebook ads their marketing comes. Once you find interest of your user then you can retarget your audience through Facebook.

Each and every business should have Facebook page for marketing strategy. With the help of Facebook page you can reach high amount of audience. You can promote your page on Facebook with low cost. There is huge reach. But you have to be consistent and provide be to be consistent and provide be consistent and provide a value to your audience so that they can connect with you all the time.

You can use Facebook for grow your business locally and online also. You can also use Facebook for for for brand awareness through Facebook ads.


Instagram is another a good platform platform where you can find a good amount of audience. Most talked youngster are using Instagram. Instagram is image sharing platform and also you can share your videos through IGTv.

Recently Instagram launch Reel. This is a platform like Tiktok. Tik Tok ban in ban in India so Instagram launch reel.

You can reach your customer through through.

  • Post
  • Igtv video
  • Reel
  • IG Story

These are the main benefits of using using Instagram you can reach your customers through multiple options.


YouTube is a video platform video platform. In India YouTube gaining more and more rivers and subscriber and active users cause of covid-19. Now people want to learn something new online that’s why people using YouTube for learning.

Youtube 2020

Where some of of people are creators. Dekh create a content on YouTube and YouTube provides and YouTube provides money through Google Ad Sense. So youtube also have huge traffic.

You can connect with people through YouTube. You can create brand awareness. Most of the people are using all the social social media platform for personal branding. If you are creating your facecam videos then you can create a huge personal branding impact on your subscriber and your viwer.

If you want to grow on YouTube I already create a a youtube course 2020 you can watch this course on Digital Yankit YouTube channel.

With the help of tube buddy you can grow your youtube channle

YouTube have potential that you can grow your online business or product or services through YouTube you can also sell product or services through YouTube. There is opportunity for connecting with influencers connecting with influencers and people who are looking for your product or services. You can promote your product or or services through Google ads on YouTube.

Thats How social media helps you for marketing in 2020.

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